Our Mandateship, Specialized Finders
& Sourcing Consultancy Services
WHO ARE WE?                    

"BROKERS"? YES! But the ROD Group is NOT just a broker. Though we see nothing wrong with being one (i.e., one of the RIGHT type),
and are proud to be one. However, we are
FAR  MORE  THAN just a "broker." Really far, far more – what we are, really, are skilled
researchers and expert DUE DILIGENCE specialists & firm
. And, NOT 'Joker Brokers,' either, for sure. Primarily, we
provide mutually safe buying and selling rules and procedures for oil and petroleum products deals.  
We provide mandateship, specalized sourcing and consultancy services.

Headquartered in New York, the USA., and acting either as an official Buyer’s or Seller’s Mandate or as an Agent of qualified End Buyers
and End Sellers, what we are, is, in a word, a
SPECIALIZED global expert business intelligence gathering, strategic product sourcing
and finders agency
specialized in due diligence research, verification and authentication of products and sources.  With an
international field staff comprised of top-notch professionals in the industry that are highly skilled and steeped in hardcore detective and
investigative work, in IT and due diligence techniques, and vastly experienced and knowledgeable in all the ins and outs and intricacies of
the modern secondary market” petroleum trade industry,  the ROD Group uniquely stands out as a "we-get-the-hard-job-done" team of
technicians and professionals dedicated, on a full-time, 24/7 basis,  solely to producing and providing to our international clientele ONLY
verified and authenticated oil traders and dealers -– buyers,  sellers & suppliers, intermediaries (if we work with them on a deal) -–
who actually perform and deliver. We  
DO  NOT deal with, or take on, or provide, a product or offer, or a supplier or buyer, UNLESS it's one
that we shall have fully investigated, vetted and verified – and find to be real dealers and PERFORMERS

Most unlike most modern-era typical Internet "brokers" (or, rather, actually "Joker Brokers") who operate today in the business who just
pass around "offers" and practically do
NO Due Diligence or DD whatsoever on their prospects, at the ROD agency, what distinguishes
us, is that
we invest total efforts, expertise and resources in doing the hard work of simple DD.  As a specialized sourcing agency and
Consultancy group, our team of international professionals and experts in the “secondary market” petroleum trading industry, primarily
study and analyze, comb, and scour every corner of the world market to source for and to find
difficult-to-find products, and then EXAMINE
them, all for and on behalf of our international clientele. They comprise several giant U.S., European and Asian crude oil and
petroleum products refineries, users, resellers and major buying houses.
Our specialty is special expertise in the wheres, the hows, and
wherefores of researching, searching out and finding the very, very limited number of suppliers and buyers of products that are actually  
REAL, GENUINE, AUTHENTIC & SCAM-FREE in the global market today.  

Reliable Oil Deals Consultancy Group's (ROD's) Buyers/Sellers' Mandate Group comprise a network of U.S-headquartered  high
caliber, world-class oil professionals and energy companies having associates globally in the USA, Russia, Europe, Africa, China, India,
Japan, etc., that collaborate and work together in executing given buying or selling projects.

The principal and lead expert for the Reliable Oil Deals (ROD) agency services,
Benjamin O. Anosike, Ph.D., an acclaimed and widely respected author and
leading U.S. and international expert on the modern rules and procedures of
Internet petroleum trading, and the author of the widely acclaimed industry
procedures guide book, "
The Only Way the Commodities Intermediary Can
Close a Petroleum Trade Deal or Make any Money Today."  Dr. Anosike has
severally been dubbed the
"unofficial anti-scam czar" and the “conscience of
the business”
 in the modern Internet petroleum  trading market, alluding to
his consistent, long-term uncompromising ZERO tolerance for, and absolute
stance against, anything smacking of even a modicum of scamming,
dishonesty and corruption in the so-called 'secondary' market oil trading.  

Neither Anosike nor the Reliable Oil Deals or ROD's staff, purport or
represent themselves to be direct suppliers/sellers or buyers of the product.

In his role and work as a recognized Mandate and Consultant in the field of petroleum deals, the enduring reputation and patented
hallmark of Dr. Anosike is
uncompromising honesty and integrity, and strict anti-scam stance in all market dealings and transactions,
and helping and guiding
authentic and legitimate independent import/export supplier traders, brokers, agents and intermediaries in the
international market place who really have the product to sell, and who do play by, or commit to 'playing by, the rules’ of legitimate
business, to actually find equally
authentic and legitimate buyers who they can mutually and safely and beneficially do business with.  
Take, for example, the area of the providing of the
Nigerian oil (a market widely noted for being a dark arena notoriously infested with
probably the most widespread scams and fraudsters), we insist on, and do provide, NOT just Nigerian oil deal services, BUT
Nigerian oil deal services of the highest order of integrity to our clients.
Oil Trade Consulting
Oil Trade Analysis
Oil Trade Partnering
Master Agency

Our utmost value and distinguishing principle and hallmark that set us far apart, to which we put the most overriding, in deed a sacred,
premium and dedication upon, is personal
CHARACTER & INTEGRITY -- namely, reliability, transparency, honor, honorableness, honesty,
and unfailing TRUSTWORTHINESS.
Character and integrity by one's practical actions and deeds, NOT just one's mere words or claims.
We are a process-driven organization that strictly maintains transparently honest, genuine, non-faked long-term relationships with our
trade partners, and seeks out and does business ONLY with parties who practice and live by exactly the same principle. In an industry that
has, most sadly, increasingly become notoriously awash in fraud, scamming, scammers, circumvention, and back-stabbing, here at the
Reliable Oil Deals agency, our
WORD is our bond, we keep our WORD -- ALWAYS.

We put the most utmost and treasured premium on our
WORD.  And, likewise, we expect and demand the same, as well, and strictly insist
upon the same, of  
YOU and of any one or entity who comes to deal or do business with us.


True, the authoritative Anosike manual guide, The Only Way the Commodities Intermediary Can Close
a Petroleum Trade Deal or Make any Money Today, provides the diligent reader a comprehensive and thorough
exposition of essentially the same techniques and principles as are employed and applied in the
Reliable Oil Deals Consultancy agency's mandateship and consultancy work with traders, intermediaries and
clients. And, equipped with a good mastery  of the contents of that guide book, readers and ordinary individuals,
themselves, can employ the same methodology in successfully carrying out their trading.  However, the fact of
the matter, also, from our practical experience, is that, for a variety of reasons ("learning curve" factor
that may be involved, for example), often times there are some individuals who would still need, or would prefer,
a more hands-on, practical type of expert assistance or guide in pulling off a particular trade deal opportunity.

We partner with such parties (suppliers or buyers), who MUST, however, have a verifiable "QUALIFIED"
deal and dealer, and/or otherwise provide them with expert assistance, aid or guidance.

As to our basic corporate philosophy of doing business? It’s simple: A total focus and dedication on establishing a long-term, years-long
business relationship, reliability and
TRUST factor, with our client and customer, rather than short-term, short-lived gains.

At ROD, we pride ourselves on being able to connect and work, on a one-on-one personal basis, directly with our sellers and buyers or
their direct representatives.


Through our extensive, long-standing global expertise and reputation in the industry, ROD Group uniquely brings to the table, the following:
  • We are NOT just another broker. Though we see nothing wrong with being one (i.e., one of the RIGHT type), and are proud to be
    one. We are, however, FAR MORE THAN just a "broker." Far, far more – we are, really, skilled researchers and DUE DILIGENCE
    specialists & firm.

  • We do the tedious, specialized, time-and-money-consuming, expert hard work that's involved in doing the real essential DUE
       DILIGENCE and the vetting work on both the Supplier as well as the Buyer on the product, while professionally navigating and
      coordinating the efforts between the two sides even at the more difficult early stages of the business relationship

  • We undertake strategic product sourcing services and product procurement operations, skilled market and document analysis,
    preliminary contract review or negotiations, on the terms and procedures of a deal in the petroleum trading secondary market

  • We bring well-vetted, verified, reliable and AUTHENTIC suppliers of commodities, to the qualified and able buyer, and vice versa

  • We assure that what you, the buyer (or seller), will get, is a SCAM-FREE buyer or seller one that will deliver and perform, and will
    NOT steal, waste or lose time or money for you, the buyer or seller.

  • We provide a thorough, hands-on, expert follow-up guidance and services from start to finish, as required in each given particular
    case, thus assuring that a deal, once initiated, will in the end successfully close.

In sum, in an already difficult, frustrating, increasingly uncertain, scam-infested, global marketplace of the international petroleum
trade secondary market that is today’s REALITY, ROD brings its unique expertise and vast experience to bear, to research, search for and
search out, uncover, find, and deliver the few select recoverable sellers and buyers that are
GENUINE & AUTHENTIC in today's global
secondary market , to its qualified clients.


If you are a serious broker or agent, and you have a "QUALIFIED" DEAL (meaning an offer, request or trader that is  REAL and AUTHENTIC,
and which you can show to be so by independent  
verifiable  concrete  evidence or proof, and NOT just merely by some usual self-serving
Joker Broker claims), we can possibly work and partner with you in such a situation.  
EXCEPT that you (the broker or agent) must have to
commit to abiding by our ROD's
Broker-based terms, conditions, and procedures. And the same will be true, if you are a REAL and
AUTHENTIC buyer or seller (which you MUST be able to show to be so by independent  verifiable  concrete  evidence or proof, and NOT
just by merely some usual self-serving Joker Broker claims).  In such cases, we can work with either the SUPPLIER'S or the BUYER'S side.

NOTE: Note that we accept  only VETTED & VERIFIED offers, and give fuel ONLY to vetted & verified buyers.
SEE ROD's NO-UNVERIFIED-OFFERS POLICY HERE: http://www.reliableoildealsconsultancy.com/verifieddeal.html

How we work

In a deal in which we’re involved, our prime focus would be, FIRST,  to assess and ascertain that the offer, buyer or seller, that is provided
by you (or by ROD), is, in deed  verifiably a REAL, GENUINE and AUTHENTIC one.  Meaning, we'd do a lot of DD work that's required. And
SECONDARILY, upon such determination that that's a valid deal, thereafter we'll negotiate the deal and manage it for and on behalf of
the brokers/intermediaries (if any) involved, and guide it between the supplier and the buyer (and their respective brokers and agents) –
and, always, with the utmost integrity and transparency – from start to finish, using essentially Dr. Anosike’s patented
“mutually safe”
trading procedures.
We'll secure all payments or commissions (among other things) that apply or are due to all parties rightfully entitled to
receive them in the transaction (the traders, brokers, agents, intermediaries and all beneficiaries), ensuring that the rightful intermediaries
actually receive them.  

Through our special, experience-based method and strategy of conducting business,
we render unnecessary having multiple layers of
middlemen and long ‘daisy chain’ of competing brokers and agents
in an offer – a condition that is often really the main factor that
unnecessarily beclouds the process and hinders progress in doing or closing deals.  We quickly establish reasonable negotiated
compromise between the product supplier and the buyer, and their respective broker/agent intermediaries that is MUTUALLY SAFE for
BOTH sides, alike. And we quickly effectuate a contract between them, and negotiate and conclude the deal for the benefit of ALL the
parties involved in a deal – the supplier, the buyer, the intermediaries on both sides.

                                                                                           We will, and can,  work with you if -- and
ONLY  IF -- you are a "qualified" dealer having a
GENUINE deal, seller or buyer, or are a LEGITIMATE broker or agent of one, and can verifiably prove that you are one. In such an event, you
are worthy and suited for inclusion in our
ADL or Approved Dealers List, and you may contact us.
If otherwise, and you DON'T qualify, then please, please, please, just don't contact us!  


If you need our service, and are qualified for inclusion in our ADL list, please contact us
WHAT NEXT? Upon your contacting us, we (you and ROD) will basically follow the STEP-BY-STEP procedures outlined on our webpage
listed below to ascertain your qualification to warrant our undertaking an offer or project with you. And we'd both take it from there.

  • To contact us on securing an oil allocation license with Nigerian authorities to become an authorized seller of Nigerian crude oil,
    please address your request to: Consultant@reliableoildealsconsultancy.com

  • To contact us to submit your product offers or inquiries to secure REAL & AUTHENTIC product, supplier or buyer, please follow
    ROD's prescribed step-by-step procedures here: http://www.reliableoildealsconsultancy.com

  • Or, for other matters, use our Contact Us page. Click  HERE
Integrity, honor,
reliability in Oil business

"When wealth is lost,
nothing is really lost;
health is lost, some-
thing is lost;
CHARACTER is lost,
ALL is lost !"
Mandateship, Finders & Sourcing Consultancy
Services You Can Trust  in the Crude Oil & Petroleum
Products Trading Industry
Why not you simply get the assistance or information, FIRST HAND,
authoritatively from the
MASTER, being one of the top  experts in the subject
matter, but who has the very highest INTEGRITY !? Why continue to wallow
in the dark, in misinformation, ignorance, and continued failure?

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For Dr. Anosike's authoritative guide
book on the subject? Click
HERE for the
introductory material. And click HERE for
a partial Table of Contents.

Are you, or do you have, a direct access to, a verifiable credible seller or supplier? That is, one who can show (MUST be in the form of
independently verifiable proofs and evidence, and NOT just mere claims) that it has the oil or refined petroleum product to sell? If you
show us that, then we have a
verifiable credible buyer to match for you! Or, on the other hand, are you, or do you have a direct access to,
verifiable credible buyer? In that case, we’d have a verifiable credible supplier to match for you.

In a word, you meet our minimal qualification standard for it – that is, you bring us VERIFIABLE CREDIBLE
buyer of product (with good
proof or evidence of that). And we can place you on our special
Approved Dealers' List (ADL), which will link you up with a fitting,
matching CREDIBLE
supplier out of our network of credible, duly vetted, genuine crude oil and refined petroleum products buyers and
dealers. Or, on the other hand, if you bring us VERIFIABLE CREDIBLE
Supplier (with good proof or evidence of that), we can immediately
place you on our special
Approved Dealers' List (ADL) that will link you up with a fitting, matching CREDIBLE buyer out of our huge
network of credible, duly vetted, genuine crude oil and refined petroleum products buyers and sellers.

Through the use of his signature
“mutually safe” trading procedures developed by him, Dr. Anosike and ROD's sourcing and consulting
staff of trained, skilled researchers and technicians of the trade, can craft and work out a “mutually safe” set of rules, protocols and
procedures, by which the legitimate interests and concerns of
BOTH the legitimate seller (which is primarily to assure getting paid for his
and of the legitimate buyer (which is primarily to assure that it gets the product it pays for and that it's not scammed or
defrauded of its money), can be mutually harmonized and directly addressed in a given qualified offer, and by which a safe, fraud-free,
fully paid-up, smooth transaction is then mutually worked out to timely close such a deal. While, also, assuring that the rightful rights of
the broker/agent intermediaries involved in the transaction to be paid the commission to which they are entitled, is fully upheld, and that
none is circumvented

What we bring to the table is proven reputation, unquestioned and
uncompromising integrity and incorruptibility, and unfailing, assured
reliability that you can TRUST, a vast and virtually unmatched treasury
of experience and expertise in the industry, and a thorough mastery of
the essential "nerve centers" and vital practical ins and outs of
petroleum deal-making and of the business
. (For just a brief profile
of our company and Dr. Anosike, click HERE)
Here, with us, Once a deal , it's a deal !

New York


A Genuine Dealer?
Yes, we VERIFY,
then TRUST!
For the quality and caliber of suppliers/Sellers
we provide
CREDIBLE buyers in our PREMIUM
Approved Dealers List (ADL) program,
For the quality of the Suppliers we provide in our Approved Dealers
List (ADL),
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step-by-step, CLIC
Life of Reliability, Honesty, Integrity
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THE FEE & COMPENSATION FOR OUR WORK:  In this industry today, finding product – AUTHENTIC
product, or Suppliers – doesn't come easy. Or, cheap!

We provide specialized, time-consuming research, business intelligence & expert consultancy services.  And for our
SPECIALIZED expert, research, verification and finders’ service that ROD provides, we demand, expect, and get paid, by the end
buyer or seller involved,
a SPECIALIZED fees and compensation - i.e., something that is over and above the regular, ordinary
broker "commission" paid simply to regular brokers for regular broker service. Our fees are in the very modest range of only  
USD$0.50 – USD$1.00 per Metric ton or barrel (or other unit of measure) of product, over and above (i.e., in  addition  to) the regular
broker commission (what will be ROD's share of that) that the trader pays in the deal.

Often, though, the specialized ROD's fee can, with the agreement of the buyer/seller or broker(s) involved, be worked into the broker
commission structure, whereby ROD accepts to be paid a certain percentage of the total broker commission amount involved in
the deal as its TOTAL fee.
There is NEVER any other or "hidden" fee or charge required by ROD, and, of course, the buyer will
only need to pay ONLY if and when there is a deal that successfully closes.


"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your website. I'm glad
someone is attempting to educate the uninformed public. I'm an attorney and I
have spent 15 years as an intelligence analyst in the military. Seems not a day
goes by without someone calling me for due diligence work, and sadly I could
serialized these from Marco's gold, to Iraqi dinar (at the trillion scale), oil and
gas,,,,, we'll just name them.  

Just wanted to send a note and say thanks for trying to dispel some of this. I'll
be sure to send folks to your site
, ............!"
---- CLINT RUDISILL, Attorney & Intelligence Analyst