founded on a foundation of honesty,
honor, integrity, reliability  

BOOK TITLE: "The Only Way a Commodities Intermediary Can Close
a Petroleum Deal or Make any Money Today

Our resident expert & chief consultant is Benjamin O. Anosike, B.B.A., M.A., Ph.D.,
acclaimed author and a leading U.S. and international expert on the modern rules, protocols and  
procedures of the "secondary market" Internet petroleum trading.

Just one important point of clarification off the bat. We have been
called or conceived of by some, as BROKERS.  ROD is
NOT just
a broker. Though we see nothing wrong with being one (i.e., one
of the RIGHT type), and are proud to be one. However, we are
FAR,  FAR   MORE  THAN just a "broker." Far, far more – rather,
what we are, really, are skilled researchers, business
intelligence and  DUE DILIGENCE specialists & firm


In this industry today, finding product or source – an AUTHENTIC one – doesn’t come easy. Or, cheap!  
It takes ONLY specialized skills, knowledge, considerable investment in efforts, time and expense, to get it done!

Headquartered in New York, the USA., and acting either as an official Buyer’s or Seller’s Mandate or as an Agent of  
qualified End Buyers or End Sellers, what the Reliable Oil Deals Consultancy Group (ROD) is, is, in a word, a
SPECIALIZED global expert product sourcing and finders agency specialized in due diligence research, verification and
authentication of products and sources.  With an international field staff comprised of top-notch professionals in the
industry and highly skilled and steeped in hardcore detective and investigative work, in IT and due diligence
techniques, and vastly experienced and knowledgeable in all the ins and outs and intricacies of the modern “secondary
market” petroleum trade industry,  the ROD Group uniquely stands out as a "we-get-the-hard-job-done" team of
technicians and professionals dedicated, on a full-time, 24/7 basis, solely to producing and providing to our
international clientele ONLY duly verified and authenticated oil traders and dealers -- buyers,  sellers & suppliers,
intermediaries (if we work with them on a deal) -- who actually perform and deliver. We
DO  NOT deal with, or take on, or
provide, a product or offer, or a supplier or buyer,
UNLESS it's one that we shall have fully investigated, vetted and
verified – and find to be real dealers and PERFORMERS. ROD's international expert team primarily study and analyze,
comb and scour, every corner of the world market, on 24/7 basis, for product and AUTHENTIC suppliers and


– the undertaking of tedious,
time-consuming, mundane, indeed, often expensive
and hard, due diligence work, and specialized
expert digging and research involved in searching
for AUTHENTIC product suppliers (and buyers)
In an era of rampant proliferation of
scams and fraud, which is most especially acute
within the so-called “secondary market” of
international petroleum trading today, serious buyers
(and sellers) from around the globe turn to us at ROD and “mandate” us, as proven reputed specialists in the task,
to search out for and source for AUTHENTIC and SCAM-FREE suppliers
, or, as the case may be, the buyers, of
product. And we professionally study and analyze, dig and scour the global markets in search of  
for an agreed reasonable special compensation and fee – to secure the AUTHENTIC sellers (or buyers)
that are duly verified, well-vetted, safe and genuine, while also meeting the reasonable basic purchasing terms and
procedures prescribed by the traders.

ROD can act either as an official Mandate or as an Agent of an End Buyer or End Seller, to source for particular
products, or to facilitate, and, in many cases, even make possible at all, getting a particular
or closing a particular contractual deal between buyers and sellers. We deal ONLY in physical energy
commodities, including Crude Oil, Gas oil and Jet Fuels, M100 Mazut, and other refined oil products.


The exceptional caliber and super high-class standard of ROD’s staff and work,
is best epitomized and exemplified, and probably best summed up, by the quality
and expertise of ROD’s lead expert and principal consultant.
  Benjamin O.
Anosike, Ph.D.,
is an acclaimed and widely respected author and leading U.S.
and international expert on the modern rules and procedures of Internet
petroleum “secondary market” trading, and the author of the acclaimed industry
procedures guide book ,
"The Only Way the Commodities Intermediary Can
Close  a Petroleum Trade Deal or Make any Money Today."    Dr. Anosike has
severally been dubbed the "
unofficial anti-scam czar" and the “conscience of the
” in the modern Internet petroleum  trading market, alluding to his
consistent, long-term uncompromising ZERO tolerance for, and absolute stance
on anything smacking of even a modicum of scamming, dishonesty and corruption
in the so-called 'secondary' market oil trading.  

Headquartered in the United States, our task is made easier and
possible because we enjoy a global reach,  REPUTATION and RESPECT, and because we work with partners,
associates and top-notch experts in the industry around the globe, in locations ranging from Russia, Dubai, Bahrain,
Australia, the UK., to Europe and the USA, etc. ROD Group maintains global strategic partnerships and joint-venture
agreements with major reputable buying and selling houses and sector specialists around the Globe, and has
commercial alliances with a number of product manufacturers and producers, end sellers and end users, financial
institutions, traders, etc. time-consuming

With a
diverse international team of Executives comprised of highly skilled, knowledgeable, dedicated professionals
cutting across different world cultures and disciples, we work globally and on a 24/7 basis to cover and serve our
diverse clientele, while always adhering strictly at all times to the highest ethical international standards of customer
service, client confidentiality and loyalty, as we try to bring their transactions successfully across the finish line.

We strive strenuously, and work furiously hard around the clock, 24/7, to be a reliable product sourcing and finders
agency to serious businesses in the secondary market petroleum trading industry that we serve. Our Executives and
partners are of the highest and most experienced caliber in the field in each of the particular segment of the physical
commodities trading business and investments in which they are engaged.  And because of that, our buyers, sellers,
and trading partners around the world, can reliably rely on us and our knowledge and expertise to achieve for
themselves, through us, the maximum potentials and profitability in the business.


As to our basic corporate philosophy of doing business? It’s simple: A total focus and dedication on establishing a
long-term, years-long business relationship, reliability and
TRUST factor, with our client and customer, rather than
short-term, short-lived gains.

At ROD, we pride ourselves on being able to connect and work, on a one-on-one personal basis, directly with our
sellers and buyers or their direct representatives.


Through our extensive, long-standing global expertise and reputation in the industry, ROD Group uniquely brings to the
table, the following:
  • We are NOT just another broker. Though we see nothing wrong with being one (i.e., that of the RIGHT type),
    and are proud to be one. We are, however, FAR  MORE  THAN just a "broker." Far, far more – we are, really,
    skilled researchers and DUE DILIGENCE specialists & firm. And, NOT 'Joker Brokers,' either, for sure.
  • We do the tedious, often time-and-money consuming and expensive, specialized, expert hard work involved in  
    doing the real essential DUE DILIGENCE and the vetting work on both the Supplier as well as the Buyer of
    product, while professionally navigating and coordinating the efforts between the two sides even at the more
    difficult early stages of the business relationship.  NOTE: See EXAMPLE of some of our work here:

  • We undertake strategic product sourcing services and procurement operations, skilled document analysis,
    and preliminary contract review or negotiations, on the terms and procedures of a deal,
  • We bring well-vetted, verified, reliable and AUTHENTIC suppliers of commodities, to the qualified and able
    buyer, and vice versa
  • We assure that what you, the buyer (or seller), will get, is a SCAM-FREE buyer or seller – one that will deliver
    and perform, and will NOT steal from, waste or lose time or money for you, the buyer or seller.
  • We provide a thorough, hands-on, expert follow-up guidance and services from start to finish, as required in
    each given particular case, thus assuring that a deal, once initiated, will in the end successfully close.

In sum, in an already difficult and frustrating, increasingly uncertain, scam-infested, global marketplace of the
international petroleum trade secondary market that is today’s REALITY, ROD brings its unique expertise and vast
experience to bear, to research, search for and search out, uncover, find, and deliver the few select sellers and buyers
that are GENUINE & AUTHENTIC in the global market today, to its qualified clients.

Educated and resident (except only for his teenage years) in the United States, Anosike, the ROD Director,  holds
several advanced degrees, and
a Ph.D. degree in political economy, law/jurisprudence.

Dr. Anosike is an accomplished author and writer, and a long-term, lifelong public advocate, legal expert and scholar,
consumer rights advocate and activist, analyst, commentator, and consultant on legal, socioeconomic, and  political
affairs, and the oil and petroleum trading industry.  In the earlier days of his career, Anosike held several responsible
positions with the New York State and New York. City government agencies, and was an adjunct
University Lecturer of
government and political economy at the New York City Community College (later renamed The N.Y. Technical
College). During this time, he became exposed to and increasingly involved in consumer rights advocacy, particularly in
the then developing
"do it yourself" national movement for consumer rights and consumer self-representation in civil
law matters then sweeping across the U.S.  He founded, with several others of similar interest,
the Citizen's Legal
Protection League
(now defunct), a national organization headquartered in Florida which supported, encouraged, and
tutored would-be pro-se or non-lawyer litigants. He later formed his own corporation, the
Do-It-Yourself Enterprises of
in New York, that supported individuals in acting as their own attorneys in routine civil legal and consumer matters.  

For Anosike, it has been a long-standing, lifelong journey and labor of love, dedication and passion dating all the way
back to the days of America’s
“you do your own law movement” of his University days. It was then that he
championed, along with a few others, such as Ralph Warner and James Winder and others,  
the battle against the
American organized bar (the lawyers’ trade union
) for the consumers' right to self-representation for the non lawyer to
be allowed to do their own routine law. He has been an unceasing champion of the basic concept of the American
legal community making legal services more accessible and affordable to the masses, and for the nation's legal
system providing financially stressed consumers practical ways and methods by which they can do, or otherwise
afford, their own routine legal services in routine civil matters, such as in declaring bankruptcy, filing for divorce, writing
their own will, their own home closing, incorporation, doing probate and estate settlement, etc.

Dr. Anosike served, upon due Membership/Executive election, as
Trustee,  the Nigerian Studies Association, Inc,
Jamaica, New York, USA. Was the Chairman, Constitutional Drafting Committee of Nigeria's U.S.-based Anambra
State Association, USA (ASA-USA), the umbrella organization of all indigenes of Nigeria's Anambra State resident in the
United States, and served as its founding
Parliamentarian.  Was Founder of the Anuka Community Bank (now
defunct), operated at Nnewi, Anambra State, Nigeria.

Reputed and noted for his blunt, fearless, uncompromising, incorruptible, anti-corruption and no scamming stance,
and his no nonsense, play-no-favorites, no-sacred-cow-but-only-tell-the-truth character and approach, the patented
hallmark of the erudite Dr. Anosike is
the de-mystification of "the law," and the translation and presentation of
complex "difficult" technical and legal concepts in ordinary, non-technical, non-legalese, non-lawyer, layman's
language that’s readily comprehensible by the non-lawyer and the non-expert.  Dr. Anosike is an acclaimed national
expert in American self-help law and consumer finance and savings issues and techniques, and a widely
acknowledged pioneer in the subject matter. He is
the author of some 26 self-help law books (law-for-the-layman
series), including 4 comprehensive volumes on bankruptcy covering the principal areas of Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and
Chapter 13, and literally
countless number of articles on a wide range of topics, ranging from will-making, U.S.
Immigration law, incorporation, business and personal bankruptcy, to legal adoption,
probate, estate planning, and economic and political affairs and the 21st century oil and
petroleum trading industry.

A dynamic, prolific writer and lecturer, Anosike’s books
have been featured and reviewed in major American legal
review journals
, including the American Library Association’s the Booklist, the Library Journal, the Bookwatch, Bowker’
s Legal Publishing Review, Law Books in Review, the Small Press Book Review, and the Bi-monthly Review of Law
books, among others. His works have been distributed and carried by some of the biggest American distributors in the
industry, including Ingram, Amazon, Baker & Taylor, Barnes & Nobles, Brodart Co., Quality Books, Midwest Library
Service, etc.

Dr. Anosike has appeared in print, as well as on several
national television and radio programs in the United States,
to expound on the cause of personal legal rights of the consumers for the human animals, as well as for the
nonhuman (pet) animals, and advocacy for their right of self-representation and self-help in routine civil law matters.
Impossible to dupe you!

For you to be duped in
the oil business,
really must be shady,
yourself! (See Chapters
20 & 22 of the author's
book for your proof)

"I read your article with
great interest. I've never
met anyone who say
the truth the way u did...
Thank you and God
bless u!
" Michael
About Us

"The Jencks Harvard Study Revisited," The Educational Forum (Ohio University, USA)

Education and Economic Development: The Need for a New Paradigm in Nigeria," The African Studies Review (Syracuse
University, USA)

On Reforming the Chapter 11 Corporate Bankruptcy Law: What is Really wrong With It," Norton Bankruptcy Law
: Clark Boardman, Callaghan, ILL., USA

Africa and Afro-American: The Bases for Greater Understanding and Solidarity," The Journal of Negro Education (Howard
University, Washington, D.C., USA)

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Nsukka, Nigeria).

Human Capital Needs of Nigeria: A Re-Definition," Paper presented at Symposium, Columbia University, New York,
December 30, 1978, organized by the Nigerian Studies Association, Inc

"Probably the most prolific writer in the field of legal self-help" The Booklist,
the journal of the American Library Association

Anosike churns out a wild wind of self-help legal advice...packs his manuals
with plenty of details, and he usually addresses questions and issues within
a topic more specifically than others who dispense such tips
"The Booklist

"Anosike's books are always full of many positive elements" –  The Legal
Publishing Review

"The author of numerous self-help law books" –  The Reference & Research Books News

"I want to commend you on being the 'Nolo Press' of the East. I am sure many people will successfully use this book to solve
their name change problems
" Edward J. Bander, Professor (retired),
Suffolk University Law School, Boston, and author of the classic
Change of Names
and the Law of Names

"Very useful handbook that will probably find its widest audience among public library users" Law Books in Review.

"Interesting and potentially useful book. What is actually covered is quite good. Indexed and providing bibliographic references,
this book would find its most receptive audience in public libraries, although law school libraries that collect comprehensively
may want to consider it.
"  –– The Bi-Monthly Review of Law Books

"Libraries who serve a public clientele seeking 'self-help' legal information should seriously consider adding this publication"
Martindale-Hubbel Legal Publishing Preview

"The ASPON (Anosike Strategic Program of Negotiations) formula developed by the author, is in deed a systematic approach to
negotiating the claim, from start to fuinish...a great asset in the [auto accident] claims negotiating process...comprehensive,
orderly and systematic...a tremendous help for a consumer involved in an auto
." – Prof.  Wendy Reiboldt, Ph.D., California State Univ., Long Beach, writing in the American
Council on Consumer Interest's ADVANCING THE CONSUMER INTEREST

"A handy how-to guide detailing the essentials of successfully filing an auto liability claim without the assistance of a lawyer...
Anosike offers extremely practical and digestible information and familiarize the uninitiated with the often confusing
maze of paperwork and the [mechanics of processing insurance claims
]"The American Library Association's THE

"The wealth of details, checklists, explanations and advice are well worth the extra expense"The Midwest Book Review's

"The work is clear and complete...readers [relying on] the book's advice are likely to secure a larger net recovery than they would
get with [lawyer] representation
" – Prof. H. Laurence Ross, America's top insurance industry sociologist and eminent author.

"Step-by-step procedures. Such good research that the result is a very valuable book, and because of the dearth of latest
information on immigration laws, this Volume will be a useful addition to any library and individual seeking immigration
." – Vic A. Kassery, Asst. Exec. Producer, Patrician Radio/TV Productions, NY

"Whether prospective immigrants to the U.S. decide to hire a lawyer or to do it themselves, it will help if they thoroughly
understand the immigration process. This manual first explains the details...A useful public library book.
" – American Library
The Booklist.

"This book by Anosike is full of many positive elements...useful contents, and index." – Martindale-Hubbel Legal Publishing

"Information-packed guide which emphasize both a practical understanding of how visa laws operate and how one may be
obtained without a lawyer's advice.
"The Midwest Book Review's The BOOKWATCH (Book was the "Reviewer's Choice"
selection of the month).

The [Visa application] system is set up so no one should require a lawyer [to process it]. Anosike's book primarily addresses
that aspect
." – Alan Gise, U.S. Consul-General
in the U.S. Embassy London, the world's
busiest U.S. Visa application office.

"Anosike supplies a wealth of tips and hints aiding the home owner or seller to avoid the various intermediaries [and their
costs] – lawyers and brokers, in particular....Methodologically covers all points of home buying and selling....but book will also
prove valuable as background information for home buyers using traditional methods
." – American Library Association's The

"Knowledge is power. The more you know about child support enforcement procedures [of] where you and the non-custodial
parent live, the better you will be able to exercise your rights and responsibilities under the law, and the more successful you
will be in obtaining the support [to which your child is entitled].
" – U.S. Department of Human and Health Services, Handbook
on Child Support Enforcement.

"[As advised in Anosike's "Writing Your Own Peaceful Settlement Agreement
With Your Spouse"] you should take make a valid and enforceable
agreement before or during marriage ....for surely the cost of a marriage contract ...
will be a pittance compared to the unconscionable (legal) fees
in divorce.
" –  Lillian Kozak, New York Attorney,
head of the Marriage & Divorce Task Force of the
State's National Organization for Women.

"Divorcing, lower and middle class people just can't afford litigation. Hence the
relevance of Anosike's book on a statutorily-based peaceful settlement approach]
– Judge Maxine K. Duberstein of the matrimonial division, The New York State
Supreme Court, Brooklyn, New York.

"Tired of handing 50 percent of your accident settlements to attorneys? Think $96
million is too much to pay each year in legal fees? Then you need [this book by
Anosike] provides 'the essential equalizer' for dealing with the insurance

"This book provides a good overview of tenant rights as well as being specific to be useful to tenants trying to secure their
"  –  Carolyn Bninski, FAC Newsletter, a bi-monthly publication of the Fifth Avenue Committee, Brooklyn, NY

"The former title [dealing with business self-incorporation] could be a godsend to anyone who has contemplated incorporation,
but feared the paperwork or expense involved. Benji Anosike has presented in an easy-to-follow fashion the necessary
procedures and paperwork...involved in the incorporation process...[the second book titled] 'Bankruptcy Relief From Your Own
Business Debts,' discusses Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings...these two titles could provide valuable background and
significant costs savings. In any event, the information offered is well worth the cover
–  The Business Bookshelf, a regular editorial feature
by the staff of the
Business Opportunities Journal, San Diego, CA  

"From changing an ethnic name to returning to a family name or changing a minor child's name, this title addresses all issues
."  The Midwest Book Review's The Bookwatch

"The two books are definitive manuals on the laws, requirements, and actual practical procedures of drafting, signing, and
amending or revoking a legally valid Will, Living Trust, and other essential accompanying documents... they provide a complete
estate planning approach and are written in nontechnical language
." – Prof. Esther M. Maddux, Ph.D.,  The University of
Georgia, writing in the American Council on Consumer Interest's

"Your publication, 'How to Form Your Own Profit/Non-profit Corporation Without a Lawyer'  would be most helpful...for our
." -- Charles W. Miller, Office Manager, SCORE, the organization sponsored
by the U.S. Small Business Administration, Asheville Chapter (SCORE Chapter #137), NC.

"The consensus of opinion is that you have produced an excellent manual for the adoption scene in New York State. You have
clearly tried very hard to cover  all the angles and have made some sense out of a complex process. ...I would like to
congratulate you on your attempt to assist people in handling their own legal affairs.
" -- Graham Wright, Senior Worker
Supervisor II, Adoptions Section, California Department of Human Resources, Merced, CA.

"If I were giving a course on court procedure in adoptions to a group of social workers
newly assigned to the adoption unit of an [adoption] agency, I would not hesitate to use
"How to Adopt a Child Without a Lawyer for Less Than $50" as my text. The aim of
the author, Benji Anosike, is to explain the adoption process in non-technical language,
thereby stripping court proceedings of the mystery that too often surrounds them.
Essentially he succeeds
." -- New York Attorney John P. Hale, Adoption Report,
North American Center on Adoption.

"{Anosike's book on the legal rights of tenants] gives a reasonably clear overview of the New York City Housing Court and the
various administrative agencies dealing with housing...also encourages tenants to enforce their rights in the Housing and
Small Claims Court...The is a need for a book like this
." -- Judge Jeffry H. Gallet, Judge, New York City Civil Court, later a
Partner in Gallet & Dreyer.

"There are useful details in this book [on estate planning using the Will and Living Will]...the information is current and
" -- The Library Journal, perhaps the Number #1 review organ in the U.S. publishing industry.

"The two new books on business and personal bankruptcy...[by] Anosike offer painstakingly detailed instructions on the nature
of bankruptcy and the filing process, and the requisite sections distinguishing the types of bankruptcy [suited for one]
." -- The
Library Journal

"Our office would like to order the book, 'How to Declare Your Personal Bankruptcy Without a Lawyer'-- Attorney John R.
of John R. Reeves & Associates, Attorneys, Jackson, Miss.

"[We are ordering] a copy of  'How to Declare Your Personal Bankruptcy Without a Lawyer' " -- Attorney Ronald O. W. Ylitalo,
Attorney, North St. Paul, Minnesota

"[We are ordering your] publication, 'How to Form Your Own Profit/Non-profit Corporation
Without a Lawyer' .
" -- Attorneys Rossi & Holmes, Counselors at Law, New York, N.Y.

"Thank you for having written the book 'How to Form Your Own Profit/Non-profit Corporation Without a Lawyer.''  I have read other
books on the same topic before, but they were not satisfactory. Your book is the only one I found most clear, comprehensive,
and helpful. I followed the instructions step-by-step, and I incorporated without difficulty. I hope you will write other books about
other aspects of the law because this type of book is very useful to the average citizen  who cannot afford the lawyers' high legal
." -- Lucina Falconi, Brooklyn, New York

"Dear Dr. Anosike, the officers of the newly formed corporation, BHW Graphics, Inc., are forever indebted to you for writing and
publishing the book,
How to Form Your Own Corporation Without a Lawyer...your book made the task so much easier and
certainly more expeditious....not only saved money, but also saved precious time by using your excellent directions.
" -- Barbara
H. Wilson
, President,  BHW Graphics, Inc., and Janet Holmes, Secretary-Treasurer.

"Your book, 'How to Do Your Own Probate,' is of astronomical value to the layman!  Not only does it open the eyes of the
average person to the fact that a lawyer is not necessary to settle the vast majority of estates, but it is written in such an easy-to-
follow way that any literate person will have no difficulty following the procedures. ...This book has literally saved me thousands
of dollars in attorney fees, and should save millions of dollars to others. You are to be highly recommended for publishing this
most valuable book for the consumer.
" -- Pearl Roon, Brooklyn, New York

And more, more, more, many more others......

What Experts and Authorities Say About
a Few of his Numerous Works
"Honor and shame from
no condition rise;
Act well your part, there all
the honor lies
" – Pope
Expert Mandates, Finders and Sourcing Consultants for Genuine Crude &
Petroleum Products' Sellers, Buyers & Intermediaries
Impeccable Credentials – Honest,
Reliable, a Deal is a Deal, is a Deal !
Benjamin Anosike, PhD, EzineArticles Basic PLUS Author
Benjamin Anosike, PhD, EzineArticles Basic PLUS Author
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Dr.  Anosike, I really want to appreciate you for all the information about crude oil scam and how to avoid them. I believe you
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"Dear Dr. Benjamin Anosike, Thank you for responding so promptly to my email. As you are well aware, and so eloquently and
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I was therefore quite skeptical that your site would be any different.
I was quite relieved and invigorated to receive a prompt,
and clearly personal response from you.  WOW
!!!." - Jeff Simon, 12/18/12

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your wealth of experience and credibility is truly
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"I love your articles and especially your rebuff of Mr. Sam Nelson's book on Oil Trading Get Rich quick mentality..." - Fred
Feb. 5, 2014

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Am not asking for that yet until we build some
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We share the same concern as you and our key priority at this stage is to ensure our end-buyers have the financial
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Life of Reliability, Honesty, Integrity
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JUNE 15th 2014 email to ROD.....
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