What the Wise Say
About Plagiarism
"He invades the authors'
[work]  like a monarch;
and what would be theft in
other poets is only victory
in him
." -- John Dryden
defining plagiarism ·

"Taking something from
one man and making it
worse is plagiarism.
" --
George Moore on

My books need no one to
accuse or judge you of
: the page which
is yours stands up
against you and says,
'You are a thief.' " --  
Marcus Valerius Martial
Source: Epigrams (bk. I,
ep. 53)
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Reliable Oil Deals Group
....dealership in reliability, honesty, and integrity, first & last......

Suppose you're a website owner of a petroleum trade
consultancy organization whose website has, over years  
of hard toiling,  tireless work, efforts,  and nurturing,
developed into becoming a major Internet petroleum trade consultancy site of some
international credibility and repute, but then you suddenly find that your copyrighted website
has been raided by some unscrupulous but brazen petroleum trade Internet plagiarist
fraudsters and scammers, and its contents massively and egregiously copied, stolen and
compromised ? How do you put such Internet petroleum websites' contents robbers out of
business? Principally, how do we go about shutting down their website? This essay is an attempt at an elaborate exposition of fraudsters
at work as plagiarists in Internet petroleum trade deals, and of a lesson in the art of shutting down fraudsters'  website -- an elaborate
showing of our intense corporate attitude of absolute hatred against scams and scammers, and how we shut down their business
website, effectively putting them out of business and out of operations for good, never to attempt defrauding the unsuspecting visitors to
their plagiarizing forged site again.

But first, a little essential background material.

As an international Oil Buyers' & Sellers' Mandate for several giant U.S and European refineries and buying houses for crude oil and
refined petroleum products, principally centering on the international safe-sourcing of such products, and as one who lectures, consults
with and advises such interests globally on the subject, coupled with having undertaken an extensive study and research on the subject, it
has long been an unmistakable and well-settled reality to this writer, as well as the ROD firm, that probably the thorniest and single most
fundamental and most critical problem involved in trading and sourcing for product in this increasingly technology-driven, faceless
Internet world of the so-called 'secondary' oil market today, is being able arduously to wade and sort through the innumerable but
complex mountain of otherwise phoney offerings on the global market, and to be able, rather systematically and skillfully,  to decipher and
single out from  all that, those few, rare, needle-in-a-haystack kind of dealers and deals that are LEGITIMATE.

In a word, put simply, for the LEGITIMATE trader today in search of a genuine
buyer or seller of crude oil and refined petroleum products with whom to do
LEGITIMATE business in the modern Internet-centered "secondary"
marketplace, the dominant bane and spoiler of such search for him, is
FRAUD and SCAMMING, pure and simple, whether in terms of the actuality
of it or of the potentiality of it happening.

In light of that, for us at the international ROD Mandate Group, a virtual
corporate article of faith and strict company principle and dedication bordering
on religion, has long developed with us. And that is the absolute hatred of, and
ZERO tolerance not only for fraud or scamming, and those who engage in
them, but for anything that in any way smacks of that at all. In short, it is not
only just an absolute and uncompromising inexcusability of, and intolerance
for it, but a total loathing, disdain and disgust for it and for any who perpetrate
it in any guise, manner or description whatsoever.

Suffice it simply to say, that so pervasive, so central, and rather so obsessive, has this corporate attitude and culture become against
fraud and scamming and their perpetrators on our part, that it's hard to imagine anyone who has had even a split second of dealings, or
contacts or communication whatsoever with this firm, not becoming very much aware of it at an instance. For it is an attitude that, in deed,
is widely communicated and conspicuously displayed to all traders, contacts and clients alike with whom we interact. And is one
message which almost immediately becomes apparent and conspicuously crystal clear to any persons who interact with or seek to do
business with the organization, most especially visitors who come to our business website -- one that is rather UNMISTAKABLE.

Yet, quite amazingly, however, this conspicuous and transparent attitude of total abhorrence and uncompromising intolerance, on our
part, against fraud or scamming or their perpetrators, notwithstanding -- an attitude which would, one should reasonably think, be obvious
and unmistakable, for example, to particularly anyone who visits the organization's website -- this factor apparently was not nearly enough
to deter one rather determined, diehard, congenital plagiarist-fraudster who came to our website only recently and just simply plagiarized
and stole our site contents wholesale, nevertheless!


What follows in the rest of this article, is the elaborate story of notorious fraudsters at work as plagiarists in Internet petroleum trade, and
how we put plagiarists who rob website contents out of business.  It is, in a word, an essay that elaborately seeks to answer the
increasingly growing but worrisome primary question in this Internet trading age
Mr. William Scott Peterson (that's his real birth name as our investigations later revealed, since he uses many aliases and fake
names), the principal plagiarist fraudster involved here, is a 39-year-old American and Texan who apparently (as our investigations
were later to reveal) had been a high school drop out, social miscreant, and a jobless drifter with a long history of fraudulent and other
sinister involvements with the law, until, one day recently, he apparently stumbled upon our website, apparently loved what he saw on it
about us, and decided he'd become a self-proclaimed oil industry "expert" overnight. How? Simply via the "easy way" -- by simply
copying the website contents of my firm wholesale, hastily putting together a website of his own -- named 'petroleumdeals.com,' until it
was shut down by virtue of our actions -- and just pasting those contents on their site, advertising and displaying himself (primarily
through this forged website medium) as an instantaneous, overnight "expert" who had been a well-experienced, knowledgeable, and
even renowned consultant to clients, globally, in the international oil trade business.


Briefly recounted, in late November 2012, members of this writer's
office's research staff while engaged in their routine work, suddenly
come upon this totally unknown and until then rather obscure
website which went by the domain name "PetroleumDeals.com."
For working professionals or staffers who, by dent of the nature of
their job description primarily as IT researchers had seen more
than their own shares of viewing and reading websites and blogs
and similar web platforms over the years, this particular website
particularly struck them, immediately, as one having something
stunningly eerie and strange about it! And what was that? Simply that, to these researchers' utter shock and chagrin, the verbiage and
written contents on display on this particular site seemed stunningly familiar! In deed, such was the unusual level of this new site's
familiarity to them, that the young researchers (as they were later to recount) literally had to wipe their eyes off a few times in
wonderment and disbelief, just so they would make doubly certain that what they were seeing and reading on their computer screens
was actually real, and not possibly a mere optical illusion or mind trick.

Put very simply, what became uncovered and now became known by us for the first time, albeit not without a somewhat heavy heart and
heavily bruised psyche, was that somebody (or a group of persons thereof), who owned and created this website, had practically and
literally copied the EXACT copyrighted written contents of our site -- literally stolen them off of our copyrighted website -- without our
consent, authorization or even prior knowledge, and republished (i.e., pasted) them, rather unabashedly, on their own website virtually
word-for-word, while presenting those contents to any and all as totally their own original contents, and their own original thoughts,
literary work and creation! No credit, no mention, no attribution of any kind, was given by these rogue website owner plagiarists to
anybody, for the hard work, the time, resources, money, study, ingenuity of thought, expertise, years and years of hard-earned practical
experience, know-how, etc., that it obviously had taken the original authors and owners of the literary material to have created those


After the initial shock of the robbery of our website contents, and the feelings of "who done it?" and "how dare you?" resentment had
sooner abated, it quickly turned to the critical question of
: WHO? WHY?  That is, who were the unsavory characters behind this
dastardly criminal (as far as we're concerned) acts? Why did they dare, and what exactly do we do about them? And, most of all, how do
you shut down their business -- fast ?

The TRADITIONAL approach followed among most persons who find their web site contents stolen, scraped, and republished in
others' websites in a similar egregious manner, has often been to use what is known as the "Cease and Desist Notice" methodology
to seek a cure or reversal of the malicious thievery -- that is, to compose a letter of request and send it to the plagiarist, essentially
appealing to the innate human decency of the plagiarist to do the right thing and calling upon him to remove, voluntarily and as a matter
of conscience and sense of propriety, the plagiarized material from his site. And then sitting back and just hoping that the offending
plagiarist would yield to simple reason and conscience and timely remove the plagiarized contents accordingly, and only moving to take
further and more stringent correctional action against the plagiarist if he should fail to respond to the appeal.

Not so with us in regard to this particular case, however !

Given the egregious and brazen nature of this particular act of plagiarism (this was a complete stealing and unauthorized transposition
of our website contents, wholesale, virtually verbatim), and given what we deemed to be the apparent underlying, deliberate intent and
goal of the plagiarists in stealing our web contents (this was not really merely the garden variety kind of the plagiarizing of
material, but actually an act of blatant fraud being that the plagiarism itself was done merely with a deliberate intent and the goal
to defraud and scam yet other parties), and coupling that with the innate attitude and culture of absolutely ZERO tolerance for, and
revulsion against, anything dishonest, fraudulent or scammy by anyone, this writer and his organization took a very serious and dim
view of the matter of the plagiarizing of their website contents.

The perpetrators of the deed were not to be personally called, spoken to, or appealed to, and weren't -- they simply were, to our mind,
merely despicable, filthy, faceless Internet characters lacking in any modicum of human dignity or decency and unworthy of being even
remotely dignified by being spoken or appealed to at all on anything. Rather, having first verified and ascertained the actual location of
the key controlling anti-plagiarism authorities in Internet plagiarism matters for the principal offending plagiarist and the rogue website
involved (they were located in a copyright and intellectual property protection friendly nation, or in other nations having a similar
anti-plagiarism set of laws and record), we promptly took the strategy to draft a strongly-worded and properly-articulated, legally-based  
petition against the plagiarists, with a clear evidence of the duly infringing material duly laid out, and to send it to those authorities
simultaneously -- namely, to the Hosting Company of the copyright infringing PetroleumDeals.com site (they're located in Israel), to the
Registrar of the site, to the domain server for the site, and to the major search engines (the Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) via the DCMA

And the result? The DCMA agency promptly wrote to ask for some clarification and identification of the specific infringing contents
"with particularity," pledging that they "will review and respond expeditiously" thereafter upon receipt of such material

The resultant response and action was swift and total! It took less than 24 hours after we fired off our petition and the clarifying follow-up
details to the anti-copyright infringement authorities. We received a rather terse note from the Hosting Company of the infringing
company. The note, in effect agreeing with our argument in to-to that the infringing site was deserving of nothing short of a complete
immediate take down, gave us the good word, as follows: that  
"The site www.petroleumdeals.com/ was removed from our servers."
In other words, that meant that this thieving, fraudulent impostor site of forged contents had, in effect, essentially been completely wiped
off the earth of the Internet world -- completely "killed and dead," gone and never to be found, seen, read from or to show up again on
any and all search engines, and not just on Google!

Why We Took Particular Offense and Exception to this Case & Its Perpetrator

Based upon the findings out of the investigations and research carried out by our staff following the uncovering of the plagiarism job,
the old and now-terminated forged website in question,
the petroleumdeals.com, and its creator(s) and owner(s), was/were actually
a notorious criminal gangster type who was/were out not merely to defraud and to scam their innocent site visitors, and not
merely just to plagiarize a legitimate and reputable website's material, but to go way beyond that
. That is, whereas the routine,
ordinary variety types of plagiarism could simply be viewed as being the "copying" of another's work or the unauthorized "borrowing" of
someone else's original ideas - a devious act which was, to be sure, bad and unacceptable enough already - with respect to this
particular case, however, the act committed by the perpetrators, though still an act of conventional plagiarism that matches the "copying"
and "borrowing" of another's work, goes far, far beyond such act, however, for the reason that they were in this case, in a word an act
purposefully meant and designed from the very beginning by the plagiarist(s) to systematically deceive, defraud
and scam the public and others, aside from the copyright owners.
To put it another way,  the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary  characterizes the term to "plagiarize," this way:

  • to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own
  • to use (another's production) without crediting the source
  • to commit literary theft
  • to present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source

In other words, plagiarism is an act of fraud. It involves both stealing someone else's work and lying about it afterward."

In short, here this Dictionary sees and characterizes the act of "plagiarism" basically in terms of the "traditional" or
ordinary conception of it  -- basically, as being an act of stealing, literary theft and robbery, and of fraud. But sees it, as
well, however, as being merely limited in its designed or actual effects, essentially ONLY to the
copyright owner as its primary victim.
For us, however, we see this particular plagiarism act at issue here as being totally of a somewhat different kind.  And, as being of a
more pernicious and more dangerous kind. In that, in our considered analysis, the resultant victimization, thievery and defrauding
effects involved thereof, were not (and are not) limited just to us, the copyright owners of the stolen site contents, but were purposefully
meant and designed by the plagiarist(s) from the very beginning, to systematically deceive, defraud and scam the larger
OTHERS. And, in fact, who knows, they may probably have netted some scammed preys already in their short one-month existence on
the web before we had to put the Internet petroleum website contents robbers out of business.

This description by one well-known Internet author who gave his name only as
Saul, writing on the AntiScam.net website forum
(according to his account there, Google has indexed more than 10 pages of his articles), closely depicts this extremely dangerous and
more pernicious brand of new plagiarism that this present writer has in mind. According to Saul, "A new classification [of] Scam
should be Scam & Fraud by Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement... [this being the kind perpetrated by persons who] pretend to be
experts and professionals in order to dupe unsuspecting clients into buying their services."

Saul, who specifically names and bitterly complains about a company (the Atrium Incorporators, a Delaware-incorporated LLC which
provides incorporation services for offshore companies for "tax planning & asset protection solutions") as fitting such a new mold of
plagiarists for having, he says, plagiarized two of his "articles and claiming them to be their own," adds that "Plagiarism and copyright
infringement [perpetrated] in order to induce new business by claiming to be an 'expert' is a form of Fraud."

Saul sums up his central point here, this way:         


Let's illustrate the central point of our stance here by using the plagiarized contents that are stolen off of our website by the plagiarists
at issue here to make the point. HERE'S THE ONE IMPORTANT POINT YOU'D NEED TO BEAR IN MIND HERE: bear in mind that
essentially every word here, every statement -- in deed, the entire contents -- you see in these passages below, which represents
what the infringing site took away from our site and illegally re-posted on their own site, is EXACTLY as it is displayed on our site,
verbatim and word-for-word. (Except, of course, for their substituting their own company's and website's names for ours at the spots
where our name is listed).

Here are a few relevant portions of the plagiarized contents as (illegally) re-posted on the offenders' site.
They state as follows:

And on and on the plagiarized material goes.......

MY COMMENTARY: Clearly, absolutely each and every one of the claims, statements and declarations that's made above by the
owners of the now-disbanded PetroleumDeals.com website, is categorically a TOTAL LIE and UNTRUTH -- a purely made-up tale and
fabrication that has not even one word of truth, or of reality, to it. And hence, their whole word, their whole operation, was a whole big
FRAUD being perpetrated by the plagiarists on the visitors to their site.

Why? How?

The simplest answer to that, is that this is so because every single word they stated in those passages above is directly contradicted
by their own lives, and by the actual FACTS on the ground.

Firstly, as a practical matter, EACH and EVERY word they uttered therein, EACH and EVERY claim or statement they made there, or
any single thought or idea that they've expressed there, is
someone else's own -- and NOT theirs. Hence, there couldn't have been a
more vivid or better definition of a "fraud" than these plagiarists -- being that they never did, themselves, believe, and couldn't have
believed, or believed in, any of those words, claims or ideas they plagiarized and outwardly advertised to the public on their site. In
other words, summed up very simply, what these plagiarists actually were are simply first-rate make-believe actors, pretenders and
impostors -- simply a FRAUD & a SCAM, in short -- since they're passing off themselves to their readership for what they're really NOT,
and they're preaching something to their potential customers, that they themselves never actually believed in and never practiced in
their own lives, in the first place.

Secondly, and probably even more important and more powerful, is the FACTUAL dimension of the matter
: namely, that upon
examination, it is found that the actual history, and the record and past of the plagiarist(s), speak directly and absolutely to the contrary
of those words, claims and proclamations made by them on their plagiarizing website, promptly warranting, legitimately, a demand
and expectation of shutting down their website.


Who are (or is) the owner(s) and creator(s) of this now-demised plagiarist website at issue here? So far as we've been able to
ascertain from a rather elaborate investigation effort, the offending, now taken-down website, the petroleumdeals.com site, was a
creation of one individual - one Mr. William Scott Peterson (that's his real birth name as our investigations later revealed, since he
uses many aliases and fake names). And all concrete evidence so far uncovered, point to this individual as being the principal (and
most probably the sole) plagiarist fraudster involved in the operation of the site and responsible for the plagiarism affair. A 39-year-old
American who has been a Texas resident
almost all his life, Mr. Peterson had apparently
been a high school drop out, a social
miscreant, and a jobless drifter with a long
history of shady, fraudulent and other sinister
involvements with the law, until, only recently
in October 2012, he apparently stumbled
upon our website, apparently loved what he saw on it about us, and decided he'd become, merely by his own self-proclamation, an oil
industry "expert" overnight, based essentially on a plagiarized website contents.

Whereas Mr. William Scott Peterson, obviously playing to the customary deceiving persona of the snake oil salesman that he is,
claims (both on his old website and to our researchers who contacted him a few times posing as potential customers), and diligently
promotes the deceptive general outward impression, that he is some kind of a hot shot "expert on the modern rules and procedures of
petroleum acquisitions and the modern petroleum transactions market" having a long and vast expertise and experience in petroleum
sourcing and consulting work to a vast array of high level oil traders and customers, the objective FACTS on the ground, however,
about Mr. Peterson and his life and history, speak completely to a different and contrary reality. Namely, that probably the closest Mr.
Peterson ever got to being a petroleum trade "facilitator" or "consultant" or "expert" in his whole life, had been perhaps a few times
when he had to pump gas to fill the gas tanks of motorists at Houston gas stations for a living. Or, that more to the truth, for most of his
life he simply had been so busy tangling and battling on issues with the law and the law enforcement authorities and the courts, that
he simply could not have had much time left to have acquired the requisite education, extensive training, skills, expertise and
experience largely called for for him to have realistically become a legitimate "consultant" or "expert" in the rather complex international
oil trade industry.

Mr. Peterson's immense record of a lifetime of run-ins with the law

William Scott Peterson's record and life-time of run-ins with the law is quite extensive and 'impressive.' What the police and law
enforcement authorities refer to in law enforcement lingo as the
"rap sheet" of an individual who has a record of brushes with the law,
is pretty long for William Scott Peterson. It ranges from arrests and/or convictions for offenses and crimes such as possession of
controlled substances, DWI (driving while intoxicated), multiple occasions of assaults on victims resulting in bodily injury, to theft of
property, driving while license is suspended, possession of controlled substance with intention to distribute (or sell), and evasion of
arrest, criminal trespass, possession of cocaine, etc.

Thus, when a character with this kind of record and background possessed by Mr. Peterson claimed, by stealing and substituting this
writer's or others' own words with his own on his now-defunct website, that he and his gang have a "consistent, long-term
uncompromising ZERO tolerance for, and absolute stance against anything that is even [like] a modicum of scamming, dishonesty
and corruption in the so-called 'secondary' market oil trading," or that they "bring to the table a proven reputation, unquestioned and
uncompromising integrity and incorruptibility, and unfailing, assured reliability that you can TRUST," or that they have "a vast and
virtually unmatched treasury of experience and expertise in the industry and a thorough mastery of the essential 'nerve centers' and
vital practical ins and outs of petroleum deal-making and of the business," you immediately know that absolutely nothing could be
farther from the actual truth. You immediately know that nothing could be more dishonest, more insincere, more hypocritical or
deceitful, since such sentiments simply do not square with or fit Mr. Peterson's life-long character and record -- in short, that they are
simply an act of sugar-coated but blatant FRAUD and attempt to defraud and to con and scam the readers into falling prey to buying
into the bogus "oil or petroleum deal" that never existed!

William Scott Peterson is endowed with many endemic, tale tells characteristics that are typical of the average, modern-times,
hard core Internet con man and scammer.

  • Mr. Peterson was born William Scott Peterson (that's his birth name of record as far as we can find), and is a current resident
    of Alvin, Texas, USA. However, just as is customary with scammy and shady characters of his type, he goes by a legion of
    aliases and fictitious names. Some of his aliases include: Billy, Ben, Billy Leon Hart, William Peterson-Hart.
  • He operates his con operations with a legion of personal phone numbers, some contracted for and in the names of other
    people, often using two numbers that are registered respectively in New York and Houston to deceive and feign the impression
    to callers that he was a major player with operational offices in the two major financial cities. The list include: 1-347-878-3011;
    1-832-387-4044; 1-281-482-0206.

  • He had, as well, a multiplicity of email addresses -- they include Billy.Hart@msn.com, BillyHart@PetroleumDeals.com,
    PetroleumDealsCorp@gmail.com, and PetroleumDealsCorp@gmail.com, among others.
  • He is, in the classical custom and mode of such scammers, uneducated and ill-educated -- merely high school drop out.
  • Rather amusingly, Mr. Peterson (and his webmasters) claimed, in their so-called "Copyright Notice" which they dutifully placed
    on their website of stolen contents warning people not to "copy" or steal their own site contents, that they, in fact, had an
    exclusive  "copyright (c) 2010" to their website contents -- another outright lie on top of countless number of them. BUT while
    not being aware or calculating that there exists, in fact, an officially recognized foolproof method existing by which we would be
    (and were) able to establish that their forged website was created only on 10/16/12 -- just barely one month before we caught
    their plagiarism act.


An important related question of relevance that many will be interested in, is this: How do the perpetrators of the plagiarism deed
actually use their rogue website -- a website which was composed almost totally of the contents of another site, a well-respected site,
stolen from them -- to carry out their defrauding and scamming games on their gullible website visitor preys? Upon closer study and
scrutiny of the operation of the Peterson website, a few tactics and tools employed or relied upon by them for attaining their scamming
goals become rather clear. Principally, the major tool relied upon by Mr. Peterson and any other operators of the website, was through
the manipulative use of the TRANSACTIONS PROCEDURES.

A close reading and scrutiny of these procedures by a trained eye, shows that the owners of the Peterson website had cleverly crafted
the procedures (in terms of its wording and stipulations therein) in such a way as to be sure to trick and lure the unsuspecting and
inexperienced gullible site visitor who falls prey to the manipulation, not only into trusting the website operators as respected experts
in the trade, but into surrendering their funds, albeit unwittingly, to them -- in a big way!

The main tool is their "Procedures."

To briefly illustrate this point, here, for example, are some of the relevant provisions of the procedures by which a supposed "buyer"
who comes to this rogue website to arrange for a purchase of petroleum product, would do so, as set forth by the plagiarists on their
website (we reproduce it here below in EXACTLY their own words):


TRANSLATED:  Here is the central point that should be taken note here. That, in this set of "Procedures" set up by the
plagiarist-con artist  William Scott Peterson by which his web customers would do business with him, Mr. Peterson, who self-appoints
himself the "Mandate" for the purported yet-to-be-known "seller" of the crude or petroleum product (a "seller" who, in all probability,
never really existed), acts, as well, as the purported "seller," as well as for the "seller" and in the name of the "seller." And that it is him,
Mr. William Scott, Peterson, the self-appointed seller's "Mandate, that issues, under the guise of being the "seller's Mandate," all the
essential sales documents meant for the buyer, and receives all the necessary purchasing documents and banking payment
instruments that are meant for the "seller" from the buyer who may come to do business. In short, under these Peterson-made
"procedures," though he purports to be acting as the "Seller's Mandate,"he is actually essentially one and the same thing (and person)
as the "Seller" of the product.

The simple Peterson formula for the intending buyer of product, should be simply this: William Scott Peterson = the self-appointed
seller's "Mandate" = the "Seller."


Thus we learn, for example, in Paragraph #4 of the whole grammatical error-filled procedures, that "The FCO will constitue [read,
constitute] the authorization documents to the Buyer as prescribed by the Buyer Mandate.[read, William Scott Peterson]."
And in Paragraphs # 1 & 12 respectively, we see that it is Mr. Peterson, and NOT the seller, who receives the buyer's LOI that's meant
for the "Seller," and who, in turn, then "logs it in and [has it] sent to our research lead fo [read for] review." A review which he himself
tells us "consists of running the key names (company, LOI, signatory, banking) though [read through] our database to ensure that
there are no issues with the LOI itself." And that it is Mr. Peterson (in Paragraph #15), who prepares the SCO/FCO "under mandate
letterhead," and sends it to "the appropriate buyer's representative/sourcerece."

In short, simply summarized, suffice it simply to say that the way Mr. Peterson had set up his whole operation, when (and if) you were
to be at his site, and were ever so naïve, so non-knowledgeable or gullible to accept or want to do business with his company,
it is via
these cleverly crafted and designed "procedures" of Mr. William Scott Peterson (and his thieving, plagiarizing gang), that they
would primarily con, defraud and scam you.
He (Mr. Peterson) made sure he was solely in control of everything -- it is to HIM that any
and all correspondences coming from an inquiring or actual buyer, or any communications with the buyer's banks on payment terms
or banking payment instruments for product, go to. And, of course, it is to HIM and HIS bank that any monies paid by an unfortunate
buyer intended for purchase of a petroleum product, directly goes.

Finally, in deed there's one other distinct major way not ordinarily known or thought of, except by trained minds in Internet frauds, by
which Mr. Peterson could still have coned and defrauded you (any customer) into getting his hands at your money. And that way is by
using the information and data he collects about your banking and financial affairs when, as a product buyer, you submit your
financial data to him as the so-called "seller's Mandate."

In Paragraphs #6, 9, & 10 of his "Procedures" (see above), Mr. Peterson has the Buyer's bank issuing to the "Seller's bank" (meaning
Mr. Peterson's bank) various kinds of banking instruments having to do with the buyer's financial affairs.

How does Mr. Peterson get to scam you by the mere fact of his having this information? It's simple. As
Mr. Master Fu, who writes on
website forgery issues at the HobPages.com and offers online advice and information on personal safety, put it, "Entering any info on
a forged web page may result in identity theft or other fraud." This is so because even if and when, for whatever the reason, you were
not to have reached yet the point where you've specifically handed any cash or made any payment to Mr. Peterson, the mere fact that
you've allowed him access to your financial and banking details subjects you to what Mr. Fu characterizes as "the personal banking
details scam." According to Mr. Fu, this kind of scam is one involving a situation where "web forgeries are designed to trick you into
revealing personal or financial information by imitating [those] sources you may have already trusted."


Some analysts and experts who have examined the malignant vice and illegality called plagiarism,
have often posited this question
: WHY? Why do people, especially those who engage in it so
brazenly and egregiously, in deed, even so stupidly (as in the case, for example, of the subject
William Peterson's case), do it?

There are, as is probably to be expected, many theories and thoughts that are proffered as to the
reasons that underlie why such plagiarists who engage in it, do it. However, probably the one
that I find the most plausible and cogent explanation, is the one that revolves around the thesis
that many (or most) who do it, are not particularly too eager to engage in it or proud of it, and
would really rather that they not engage in such acts, but that somehow they just bungle and
stumble into engaging in it, any way, simply because of one overwhelming factor -- they think
they will not be caught, they think that they're too smart or too "clever," that they will fool everyone
else and get away with it uncaught! This particularly applies in instances when the one who is
engaging in the plagiarizing job is a person of some professional accomplishment or promise
-- say, a journalist, a successful writer or author, an over ambitious student or entrepreneur,
and the like - but is one that is anxiously in a hurry to move up the professional scale or honor
roll very fast.

According to
Prof. Ed Wasserman, a prominent columnist and the Knight Professor of Ethics at the Washington & Lee University at
Lexington, Virginia, who was featured in the story reported on the television's the
"Sunday Morning Show" of 10/21/12 titled
: Stopping Word Thieves,' "Some of the thefts [of plagiarism that people engage in today], are so egregious that it's hard to
imagine they thought they were going to get away with it."

But Always, Always, Remember This, Though: Nowadays, it is Easier to
Plagiarize, But Equally Easier for
YOU to Get Caught !

However, say the experts, those persons go ahead and steal other
people's intellectual property, any way, simply because they count
on not being caught. In such endeavor, such people are very much
aided by one significant new factor in today's world
the digital age
has made the 'copy-and-paste' act an easy short-cut matter, and
the shield of anonymity provided by the Internet a major tempting
And, of course, that's all true. Unquestionably true. However, just to conclude this essay, I have only one word to leave any
one (whether Mr. Peterson or anyone else whosoever in his elk) who would want to plagiarize any person's web contents or other
literary material or intellectual property, whether they are those residing on our website or otherwise that belong to us, or to any one
else anywhere
: You plagiarist or would-be plagiarist, always remember this and never you ever, ever forget it -- given the state of
the technologies available today to both the copyright creator and the plagiarist out to steal their material,
it is easier to plagiarize, but
equally easier for YOU to get caught today.


THE FINAL WORD: If you're a plagiarist. Or a fraudster or scammer. Or, both (as in the present case treated here), you're
sternly forewarned -- stay far and completely away from our website, or from ever trying otherwise to contact or come to our firm trying
to cook up any business dealings whatsoever with us. You will be caught and be nakedly exposed -- GUARANTEED. Not unlike Mr.
William Scott Peterson and his sinister gang, you too will be, deservedly, unmasked, dissected and exposed to the world and the
authorities for what and who you really are. And you too, will face the severest of penalties and pay through the nose for your crime! We
might even decide, in your own case, to prefer punitive and compensatory legal charges and damages, or perhaps criminal charges,
against you.



If you happen to be a fraudster or scammer -- or a plagiarist -- you know more than enough already to stay far, far away from our site,
and from attempting to contact or do any business with us.  

However, on the other hand, if YOU are,  yourself, a LEGITIMATE businessman or woman, a LEGITIMATE and honest petroleum trade
dealer, broker or intermediary (or are working with a dealer who is one), but who seriously wants to find and hook up with equally
legitimate traders and dealers with whom to do business -- the safe way, WITHOUT any fraud, WITHOUT any scamming or thievery, or
any dishonest practices whatsoever? Or, perhaps, you wish to make an honest comment, or pose a legitimate question on the
subject matter of this essay (or any other relevant issues of your interest)?
ARMS! If so, p
lease contact us through this link below:

Simply summarized, they were that....

1) This was an illegal act of egregious and unconscionable robbery of our
intellectual property on the part of the copyright infringers and plagiarists of
our copyrighted website material, and a wanton infringement of our copyright
as the sole lawful owners and authors of the offending website's contents in
that ALMOST THE WHOLE identified contents of the offending website were
composed of our website contents that were DIRECTLY and ILLEGALLY lifted and stolen from our site, the  
ReliableOilDealsConsultancy.com site, almost word-for-word, and re-posted by the operators of the Petroleumdeals.com on
their own site.

2) That, even worst and most offensive and worrisome of all, quite apart from their being demonstrably proven to be an
unscrupulous, egregious copyright infringer and violator, this offending infringing website was more than a copyright-robber
and infringer. But, rather, was demonstrably a FRAUD and a SCAM being perpetrated by the copyright infringers on the
Internet viewing public in that they pose as "experts" in the oil trading business about which they knew absolutely nothing
with the intent solely to lure unsuspecting site visitors and to defraud them, since all available evidence completely attest to
the contrary that they, in fact, know virtually ZERO about the oil trade industry.

3) OUR DEMAND:  That in light of the foregoing, we demanded and merited a complete take down of the fraudsters' infringing
Internet operation, a complete shutting down of their website and business in its ENTIRETY and WITH DELIBERATE
URGENCY. In that, for us, the most important and most critical and worrisome element of all, was the emergent reality that
had become crystal clear that this infringing website and their owners were clearly merely Internet impostors and a front that
clearly have NO business whatsoever putting themselves out there to the innocent public in the Internet world, as genuine
marketers of repute of petroleum products. And hence, that upon the preponderance of the evidence and facts of the matter
presented, these website owners clearly had NO LEGITIMATE reason or any public good value to continue to exist, and could
only continue, as earlier, to defraud and scam, and hence, why let them remain or linger on on the web at all, in any form or
shape whatsoever, even for one more day!
"A different type of Scam are the so-called "experts" websites offering professional services without any degrees,
experience, or credentials. In order to trick viewers into buying their services they post [plagiarized] articles copied
and pasted from copyrighted websites and delete the author's name and claim [them] to be their own.
1. Buyer sends a Letter of Intent (LOI) to the Seller's Mandate [read, to William Scott Peterson's] address.
2. Seller producers a corporate offer to the Buyer with details for the commodity transaction.
3. Buyer issues an Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO) or other proof of funds (POF) for the amount specified in the LOI.
4. Upon receipt of the POF, the Seller will issue a draft contract / Full Corporate Offer (FCO) to Buyer. The FCO will constitue the
authorization documents to the Buyer as prescribed by the Buyer Mandate.[read, William Scott Peterson]
5. Buyer and Seller exchange the signed contract (FCO) via electronic mail, which shall be deemed legally binding and enforcable. The
contracts are registered in the Seller's and Buyer's banks within two (2) banking says [reads, days] after their signing.
6. The Buyer's bank issues a Bank Guarantee (BG) by Swift MT799 to Seller's bank within two (2) days after both parties have signed
the contract.
7. Seller / Seller's' Bank issues [to] Buyer / Buyer's Bank a partial proof-of-product  (POP) / Delivery Allocation, within two (2) banking
days upon receipt of the Bank Guarantee and informs that the full POP is ready.
8. Seller / Seller's Bank posts Non-Operative Performance Bond equal to 2% of the value of one (1) month of shipments or of the spot
allocation, totaling of the Product at the contract price.
9. The Buyer's Bank re-issues the BG by Swift MT760 to Seller's Bank and activates the Seller's Performance Bond. Seller's bank
provides the official proof-of-product documents on a bank-to-bank basis to confirm activation of POF.
10. Buyer's Bank issues a Conditional MT1O3/23 (TT after SGS or CIQ inspection at Buyer discharge port within 5 days).
11. Repeat process for each subsequent lift in Purchase Order or as specified in successive LOI's / continue as per contracts.
12. The LOI is first logged in and sent to our research lead fo review. This review consists of running the key names (company, LOI,
signatory, banking) though our database to ensure that there are no issues with the LOI itself. We allow 24 hours for this review (if
there are any issues, we double check to ensure we are correct in our assessment).
13. If there are no issues, the LOI is sent electronically to the Seller Team for processing. If there are issues, we contact the buyer's
representative/source and discuss our concerns with the goal of resolving any issues prior to proceeding.
14. The Seller's Team then must match the request as stated rn the LOI with sourcing, product availability and pricing. We allow one
week or less to process.
15. Upon comp!etion of the negotiations with the chosen product source, we receive the content to the SCO/FCO which is prepared
under mandate letterhead and sent to the appropriate buyer's representative/source."
Fraudsters & Scammers at Work as Plagiarists in Internet
Petroleum Trade Deals – Story of How We Stopped  
Plagiarists Who Rob Website Contents & Put Them Out of
– Report by Benjamin O. Anosike, Ph.D.
Image via Lovely Petal (Flicker: Samiksha),
as posted on Notorious-rob.com/2010/02/

PLUS, Visit:

New York

Fareed Zakari, the prominent, star
CNN and Time Magazine commentator,
analyst & essayist, who was caught in
probably one of the biggest high profile
cases of  plagiarism of modern times in
Fraudsters at Work as Plagiarists in Internet PetroleumTrade Deals –
How We Put Plagiarists Who Rob Website Contents Out of Busine
Read here the FULL Story of How We Dealt With One
(and Deal With Any ) Plagiarist or Fraudster, Or Both.
KIND! Also, visit
  • That their plagiarist enterprise, the "Petroleum Deals Corporation [read the Reliable Oil Deals Consultancy
    Buyers//Sellers' Mandate Group], is a Houston-based [read New York-based] crude oil and refined petroleum product
    Facilitator and Transaction Group for several global crude oil and petroleum products refineries and buying houses. As
    well, we provide consulting services to investors, entrepreneurs and corporations on how to obtain genuine crude
    allocation,...having associates globally in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia."

  • That they are an experienced and well-versed oil "Facilitator and Consultant," and that they are "expert on the modern
    rules and procedures of petroleum acquisitions and the modern petroleum transactions market."

  • That they have a "consistent, long-term uncompromising ZERO tolerance for, and absolute stance against anything that
    is even a modicum of scamming, dishonesty and corruption in the so-called 'secondary' market oil trading."

  • That they "bring to the table a proven reputation, unquestioned and uncompromising integrity and incorruptibility, and
    unfailing, assured reliability that you can TRUST. Our Global Mandate Service has a vast and virtually unmatched treasury
    of experience and expertise in the industry and a thorough mastery of the essential 'nerve centers' and vital practical ins
    and outs of petroleum deal-making and of the business."

  • That "The enduring reputation and patented hallmark of" their company "is one of uncompromising honesty, integrity,
    strict anti-scam stance in all market dealings and transactions."

  • That if you can show them "that you do [have a direct access to a verifiable credible seller or supplier], we have a
    verifiable credible buyer to match for you!"

  • That they have developed, and do have, a "mutually safe" set of selling procedures, and that  "Through the use of the
    Petroleum Deals Corporation's [read Reliable Oil Deals Consultancy Buyers//Sellers' Mandate Group's] 'mutually safe'
    trading procedures," they would design a trade agreement "by which the legitimate interests and concerns of BOTH the
    legitimate seller and buyer can be mutually harmonized and directly addressed in a given qualified offer, and by which a
    safe, fraud-free, fully paid-up, smooth transaction is then mutually worked out to timely close such a deal."


Life of Reliability, Honesty, Integrity
".....probably the closest Mr. Peterson ever got to being a petroleum
trade "facilitator" or "consultant" or "expert" in his whole life, had been
perhaps a few times when he had to pump gas to fill the gas tanks of
motorists at Houston gas stations for a living......
".........always remember this and never you ever,
ever forget it
-- ..... it is easier to plagiarize today, but
equally easier for
YOU to get caught today......"
"...the verbiage and written contents on display on this
particular site seemed stunningly familiar!
 In deed, [so
much so]...that the young researchers (as they were later
to recount) literally had to wipe their eyes off a few times
in wonderment and disbelief, just so they would make
doubly certain that what they were seeing and reading
on their computer screens was actually real....
Crestodina is the Principal and Strategic Director at OrbitMedia.com, a collective of design specialists, who
revealed in an essay on their site, that within the past few years alone he had seen 4 major instances
involving his clients' website contents being plagiarized the wholesale clean-out style:

"Just don't ever do it. Even if you're the type who can copy from others and not lose sleep                         
over it, you'll eventually get caught. It takes less than one minute [these days] to catch you
Hear from

Email to ROD from a grateful Ms Ruthann Arthur, a Texas woman, 30 September 2013, 11:59......

Do you have a picture of this william scott peterson - i.e.,  Billy Hart [that is the subject matter of this webpage]?.
He is on all kinds of social sites and dating sites. I actually met him for a drink last night and the tale he told me
was so ridiculous. I started googling and came across your page.  I am curious if its the same guy??

A little later, same Monday, 30 September 2013, 12:44….

I just kept googling found his photo and a warrant for his arrest! Confirmed it was the idiot I went to have drinks
with, no more blind dates for me! …….Thank you for your  article and your time.