TITLE OF BOOK: The Only Way the Commodities
Intermediary Can Close a Petroleum Trade Deal
or Make any Money Today

From the Desk of: Benjamin O. Anosike, B.B.A, M.A, Ph.D.
The Author.
Learn from the
Master & the
Number #1
expert, the correct
way & procedures
to trade in today's
Internet era
Apply them in
doing your own
business – as a
trader, broker,  
intermediary, etc
You'll now stop
the long-term
cycle of failures &
in never closing
any deals
You'll start closing
deals and start
earning some  
income finally
To: All Our Readers

Dear readers:

Thank you for the reading.

Let’s be frank. If you’re
interested in this book or
topic, it’s probably because
you’re contemplating or planning on, or at least have harbored some thoughts about, becoming a trader
or broker/agent intermediary in the international crude oil and/or refined  petroleum products trading
business. Or, perhaps, it's because you’re already involved in the business in some form or capacity,
probably without much success yet.


QUESTION: Now, let’s just cut right to the chase, and go directly to the
point. As a businessman or woman (one involved in oil dealing or
planning on doing so) how much is, say, 6 months of your time worth to you?
What about 1 year? What about 2 years, or 3 to 5 years or more of your time?

Practically invaluable, you would probably say, right? And if that's what you say, you’d be
dead right about that, since labor economists never fail or tire of reminding us that "time
is money"!?
The Only Way Commodities Intermediary Can Close
a Petroleum Deal or Make any Money Today
"It was a favorite expression of Theophrastus that time was the most  valuable thing
that a man could spend,
observed Diogenes Laertius, the ancient Greek  philosopher.

To choose time is to save time, adds Sir Francis Bacon, the famous British philosopher,
statesman, scientist, jurist, and author, and the father of the scientific method and empiricism
dealing with deductive reasoning and inductive methodology of scientific inquiry. Bacon had
started his epochal life’s works only at 18!

And that very ageless, priceless thing, EXACTLY, is what the present book,
The Only Way the Commodities Intermediary Can Close
a Petroleum Trade Deal or Make any Money Today, gives you – save you precious, invaluable time as a trader or broker/agent
intermediary who gets involved in the international oil and petroleum products trading business today. And, it will be PLENTY amount
of it, too, that it will
save you; PLUS also save you all the anguish and frustrations you would otherwise experience from repeated
disappointments and failures over all those years!!! Some 1 to 3, or 5 years of it out
of your life! Maybe even more.
That's absolutely right!

How? Why?

Because, according to ample and credible research, that’s simply EXACTLY the
amount of
time that the average person working in the business as a broker or
agent (or trader)
wastes away without ever successfully closing a deal or earning
a cent in commission – being that most such intermediaries fall under the
category of people who dabble into the business without having had the necessary
preparation and training or knowledge for it!

So, say
you were to choose going about it the same good, old "old fashioned way,"
involving dabbling into the business
unprepared and without the requisite right
knowledge afforded by this book but just
using the same old uninformed, improper
and incorrect procedures? IT'S ALMOST a CERTAINTY
: You’d end up inevitably in
the same good, old, place as most others who’ve done the business that same way
for decades
NOWHERE!  A woeful failure!


Do you know that the plain, unmitigated consensus among experts and informed traders concerning today’s international oil and
petroleum products marketplace – which is a consensus rooted in credible research findings and respected expert analysis and
opinion – is that
some 99.999% of all the advertised sales “offers” or “deals” and prospects for the sale of crude or oil products
floating around on the Internet,
are fake and bogus, pure and simple? (See Chapters 17, 18 & 22 of this book, for example, for more
specific details on this).
And consequently, here's the ultimate truth of the whole matter: What it really all boils down to is that all
we’re really talking about, is finding that all-too-rare-to-find proverbial SOLE
needle in a haystackoffer that exists which is genuine
and real – the
 .0001% or so of all those trade leads or offers that are floating around on the Internet market place. That's ALL!

So, how do you find, or become that ONE intermediary who finds that
ONE elusive, highly prized
.0001% offer or deal that’s authentic?


Certainly, finding that .0001% can’t be, and never is, simple or easy. However, here’s the great news. Here’s what makes the
FUNDAMENTAL difference:
at the hands of a trader or intermediary who is armed and equipped with the requisite education, skills,
training, know-how, experience and preparation, accomplishing that goal becomes infinitely more simple and easier to do; and it
becomes practicable and doable to close deals or earn income. For example, you’re virtually condemned to a
guaranteed 100%
and stand practically no chance of being able to close any deals when you lack such requisite preparation and knowledge.
On the other hand, however, your chances of being able to successfully do so escalates, drastically, to a
whopping 50%, rate once
and if you are so armed and equipped with having such preparation and knowledge.

Put very simply,
without this study, and the benefit of the kind of information and knowledge it affords you, your chances of succeeding
in this business as an intermediary, is virtually
ZERO. No question about it! Well, usually it may take you some 1 to 5 years or so of
wasted time until you finally realize that, and recognize that you’ve failed and have got no chance, and that, perhaps, you should better
drop out and just leave in broken-hearted disappointment and frustration at long last. On the other hand,
however, with an
understanding and mastery of the information provided you in this study – and, what is more important, your actual use and
implementation of its principles and strategies in your own work with traders – you at least immediately stand a
50-50 fighting chance
of succeeding in the business.

And so, the central point?

Precisely that this book will
save you, at least, some 1 to 5  priceless years of your life. Meaning, saving you plenty of money (in the
magnitude of several tens or hundreds of thousands of $dollars, at least) that you would avoid wasting; and
saving you, as well,
undue stress, agony and anguish from the potential disappointments you would now NOT have to endure – some 1 to 5 years worth
of it in equivalent ‘economic opportunity cost’ value. Not to speak of
saving you from the hands of the rapacious scammers who roam
the business in frightening numbers today, as you'll sure avoid possibly being scammed or defrauded by such notorious crime

James J. Walker’s observation immediately comes to mind: “Counting time is not so important as making time count.”


The truth, borne out by credible research, and confirmed by this author's own work and findings, is simply that most
intermediaries involved in the oil and petroleum products trade business fail and never close any deals. In deed, nearly
ALL of them do.

You want just a simple proof of that?  Well, look at this FACT: if you are like the average broker or agent who’s been
involved in the business for a while, or even for long, ask yourself these simple but critical questions
:How many deals
have I closed being a ‘broker,’ or ‘agent,’ ‘facilitator,’ ‘mandate,’ or what have you?” Or, ask
: “And how much commission income
have I ever made for months, even several years, of doing it?
(Probably NOT one deal closed, or one dime made, right? That’s what
credible research definitively shows).

And then, ask yourself the next logical question that follows from that
: "WHY"?

The answer is simple
: General and woeful lack of knowledge of the correct and requisite trading rules and procedures by the traders
and intermediaries, according to substantial credible research.

Here's how
Davide Papa, a leading and respected expert in the fundamentals of modern international trading and the intermediary’s
proper role in it whose work is cited often in the present book, sums up that fact

And, guess what? This assertion by Papa,  is one based by Papa on his own research, and those of others. And, is one solidly
confirmed, as well,  by my own independent, objective research and findings.  

It is, therefore, against this stark reality and backdrop sketched above, that this book, “The Only Way the Commodities Intermediary
Can Close a Petroleum Deal Today,”
is researched and written by this author., Dr. Anosike. The book comprehensively provides
precisely that caliber of the requisite information and resource materials that the modern trader and broker/agent intermediary
desperately needs, and MUST have, in order to be able to acquire and master such vital skills and knowledge.




Put it this way, if you master the contents of this book – and faithfully adherence to, and apply, the prescribed requisite rules and
principles therein –
it will automatically catapult you in due course into that envied but select class of traders and intermediaries that
are "in the know’" in the pivotal fundamentals and the correct methodology, rules, and procedures, of modern Internet international
trading who possess the much-prized ‘requisite knowledge of the correct trading procedures.
’ It would put you in good stead such
that you would have sooner developed into a member of that select, uncommon class of
well-informed broker/agent intermediary
gurus who
, unlike the vast majority of traders and intermediaries on the Internet who are notorious for not knowing how to close
deals, ‘or even how to start a deal correctly,’ c
an now commonly start deals correctly, and often times be able to bring them to
successful closing and conclusion

In short, that very LIFE  or DEATH choice in this business, is now entirely YOURS – and yours only – to make.


Having this book in hand, you’ll sooner find out, will be a great career “investment,” NOT mere cost for you. One of the wisest you’ve
ever made, or ever will. You’ll sooner find the treasure of information packed in this book to be far, far more valuable and of greater
worth to you than the nominal price (even if it’s $1,000!) that you shall have paid for this book – even a thousand folds over that.

  • How much is one, two, to five years (or more) of your life’s ‘time savedfactor worth to you?

  • Or, that much length of time calculated in terms of the prospective toll upon you in psychological anguish, aggravations,           
    and stress in repeated failures, disappointments, unearned income, and unrecovered invested money and resources       
    saved  you for all those months and years?

  • Or, in terms of the worth of the incalculable savings from losses prevented for you from the potential scamming and fraud  
    that are inevitably a fact of life in today's Internet trading environment?

  • Or then, the value and the returns to you from finally, finally, closing even just one significant deal, as a result of dropping
the uninformed, joker broker ways of trading and learning how to trade correctly?  
Without the requisite knowledge of the correct trading procedures [today], you are simply
wasting your time attempting to trade. [Yet], the vast majority of traders you will meet on the
Internet don’t know how to close a deal. Most don’t even know how to start a deal correctly. Let
alone bring one to a successful conclusion….
99 percent [of trade offers and procedures made
each week to traders by intermediaries, merit being] deleted as either inappropriate or
unworkable. [Hence], Anyone attempting to do business with these types of procedures and
intermediaries will also be unable to close [any deals] or collect a cent in commissions, no
matter how long they trade for or how hard they try.

To place your order for  the book,
please CLICK HERE  
to go to the Order Page.
To place your order for the book,
please CLICK HERE  to go to the Order Page

Whether you are a new, untrained or uninitiated operative just attempting to break into the business. Or an aspiring player
contemplating or planning to get into it but concerned to avoid possibly falling victim to, or becoming a part of, the ‘dark side’ of the
business, including the notorious scam and fraud factor with which it is so frequently associated. Or you are an old-timer long in the
industry but lacking the proper training and knowledge or eluded by any success in closing deals or earning any commissions.
Written by the leading expert today on the subject, the contents of
The Only Way the Commodities Intermediary Can Close a
Petroleum Deal or Make any Money Today
would be just as equally relevant, useful, helpful, and valuable, in deed even invaluable
in many cases, to you for your particular purposes

Having a copy of this work in hand, and using it, should be a modest but probably one of the wisest
investments of the most
productive order that you’ve ever made, and one that will pay you back a thousand folds, at least, or far more.
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caliber of treasury of information and tools packed in this book, please click
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THE BOTTOM LINE: If you're operating in the business today as a trader or intermediary, or want
to or are trying to do so, then, the stark REALITY for you is that given the well-established and objective
FACT described above, you are essentially condemned to
two basic inevitable fates and options:
EITHER continue to operate using the same good, old, improper, misguided, wrong, if glorified
procedures, and thereby continue to labor and lurch, like the overwhelming majority of other
intermediaries in the same situation, from one woeful failure to another woeful failure and to wallow in
mere empty day-dreaming but repeated rounds of frustrations and disappointments and never close any
deals, or, worse still, be defrauded by others or defraud them, yourself.
OR, alternatively, learn from the
Master the correct and proper methods and procedures that work by which to trade, and then start
operating using them. And, sooner, finally end the dreadful cycle of failures and disappointments of the
past; and finally start, at long, long  last, to close deals and finally earn some income, while you also avoid
the dreaded scourge of being scammed and defrauded at the hands of so many unscrupulous players in
the market today.  
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With your mastery of this book – and strict adherence to, and application of,  the prescribed requisite rules, procedures and
principles by you in your work as a trader or intermediary – you would have a firm or pretty good grasp of:

  • The essential fundamentals, methodology, rules, and procedures of modern international trading, and, more
    particularly, of the international petroleum ‘secondary’ market, that actually WORK.  
  • You'd become, in due course, one among the select fraction of less than 1 percent or so of brokers/intermediaries
    whose offers and e-mails merit being read by serious dealers, and get read, each week, rather than the over 99
    percent whose offers or e-mails are routinely deleted or shoved into the forbidden SPAM mailbox as either
    inappropriate, unworkable, or plain ‘joker broker’ like offers.
  • How to purge yourself of the myths, wrong mindset, and false and misleading notions common among brokers and
    people about the true nature of the oil trading business, and how to ‘un-brainwash’ yourself and begin to operate with
    the true conception of the business thereby getting to doing good, successful and profit-making business
  • What the true purpose and appropriate function and duty of the modern-day Internet intermediary is, or should be, to
    the trader. And how not to get confused or to deviate from that.
  • How you can spot fake dealers and offers from a mile away, or to flat out screen out such bogus offers and reject them
  • How to fathom and master the manipulative psychological and scientific mind games, tricks and techniques employed
    by the fraudsters and scam artists and criminal syndicate network to overwhelm their victims, whether in the Russian
    or the Nigerian oil markets or elsewhere, and how to combat them and avoid falling prey to any scamming or 419
  • How to immediately spot and select out the promising offers, and how you can verify them; how to competently do fact-
    checking and due diligence on deals to dig out the credible and authentic deals

  • How to avoid being circumvented but doing it the right way, and how to craft a ‘step back’ arrangement to make others
    in the often long 'daisy chain' of competing, untrusting, and contesting intermediaries,  cooperate to make what would
    otherwise become a doomed deal, become possible and even smooth-running
  • How to protect yourself from, and avoid, being scammed by unscrupulous ‘sellers’ or ‘buyers,’ or other intermediaries
    who roam the Internet marketplace

  • How to avoid using the typical inappropriate or inapplicable joker broker procedures that generally don’t, and can’t,
    work with credible buyers – routine use or demand for exotic procedures like LOI, ICPO, BCL, POP, POF, etc., by
    faceless brokers/agents
  • Detailed, simple, easy-to-follow, step-by-step program of the proper, more realistic ‘mutually safe’ procedures that
    WORK for traders and intermediaries for conducting international oil trading deals, and which BOTH the seller and
    buyer, if legitimate, will usually accept for a simpler and quicker sealing of a sales deal, taking you systematically from
    A to Z.

  • ABOVE ALL, how to start a deal correctly, and to close and successfully bring a deal to a conclusion – and, finally,
    finally, get to collect even a cent in agent commissions, at long last!

  • And more……, more, ....more......
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YOU yourself choose?
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